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The latest version of IrisBG is: - date: 2024-04-02.


  • The software requires that you already have a valid licence.
  • New versions must be installed on all computers you use for IrisBG. Computers with an older version will be prompted to update.

To get a notification when we issue a new release, follow the Latest version of IrisBG topic in our Knowledge Library.

IrisBG 4 version history

Version: - date: 2024-04-02

  • Reports > GIS: The reports have been updated.
  • Reports > Store: "Ord03" now works as expected.
  • Reports > Taxa: Performance has been improved for "Tax02".
  • Reports > Statistics: "Acc. type" added as selection criterion.
  • Reports > Accessions + Items: "Det. date" and "Det. comment" have been added for "Acc02" and "Item02".
  • Reports > Accessions + Items: "Location name" can be entered as text or selected from list for "Acc02" and "Item02".
  • Reports > Events: Multiple collections can be selected for "Exch01".
  • Report types: "Synonym name" has been added for "Acc02" and "Item02".
  • Labels: "Life form" can be used as selection criterion.
  • Data Import: Images can be imported for Inspections and Events (not Loans and Exchanges).
  • Data Import > Accessions: Project codes can be added to existing ones.
  • Error fix: "Life form" was not working for the "Stat06" report.

Version: - date: 2024-01-18

Includes version
  • Error fix for Reports and Adv. search: "Tax. group name" did not work for operator "In list".
  • Error fix for Reports: The genus field was empty.

Version: - date: 2024-01-08

  • Item management: Comment option for append or replace has been added.
  • Data Import: Update of genera (TaxGroups) has been added.
  • Tasks: Multiple entries can be selected for delete.
  • Reports > Accessions: Two reports for export of files have been added (AccFile01 and AccFile02).
  • Reports > Accession items: Stem diam. has been added to selection.
  • Reports > Taxa: Two reports for export of files have been added (TaxFile01 and TaxFile02).
  • Reports > Statistics: Label status has been added for the SumAcc01 and SumItem01 reports.
  • Reports > Store: Export to BGCI Index Seminum has been added (CatBGCI).
  • Reports > GIS: Two reports for export to GIS have been added (CodeGIS and Item02GIS).
  • Reports > Misc: Export to BGCI PlantSearch has been updated (BGCI01).
  • Reports > Misc: New fields have been added to the DwC reports.
  • Reports and Adv. search: Genera can be selected in the Tax. group rank field.
  • Reports: Additional fields have been made available for many reports.
  • Accessions and Item management: Taxon themes have been added to Adv. search.
  • General: Export to PGSIP is available as an add-on.

Version: - date: 2023-09-10

  • Label and Report types: Info about the template placement to be used can be viewed by pressing the blue (i) button in the Template field.
  • Data Import: Handling of Events has been improved for imports from Floria.
  • Reports and Labels: Date fields with date in local format has been added. The fields have a "Fmt" suffix.
  • Labels: TaxonNameExclTradeName and TaxonNameExclGenus fields have been added.
  • Web Explorer: Image upload will include all relevant images.
  • Accession Items: An item to be copied should be saved before copying to new items. The saved item can be copied multiple times, and all copied items can be saved in one operation.
  • Error fix: Labels: Viewing and printing with a template stored in Custom Templates failed from the Item Management and Accessions > Items screens.
  • Error fix: Reports: Added CountryCode and MaterialTypeCode to sync with field names required for data import.
  • Error fix: Reports: Inspection field names have been changed to sync with field names required for data import.
  • Error fix: Inspections: Repeat (copying) an inspection will work as expected.

Version: - date: 2023-07-07

Includes version
  • The field "LSID" has been replaced by a new field "Name link" in the Taxa and Tax. groups screens. The new field allows name checks against the data sources World Flora Online (WFO) or Plants of the Word Online (POWO) with name status (accepted/synonym) and author. A link to the name source web page will also be added. The data source (default is WFO) can be set in the Management > Collections screen. Existing references to IPNI are preserved in the new field.
  • In Projects, new fields for "Project type" (new code list) and "Publish" have been added.
  • A new report, Project01, has been added in the Miscellaneous group.
  • In Funding, a new field for document storage has been added.
  • Specific taxon theme types can be included in reports (instead of all).
  • Coordinates are included in the Insp01 inspections report.
  • Received date and initials have been added as selection criteria for Accession and Item reports.
  • Several new selection criteria have been added for the Feature01 features report.
  • Error fix: Expire for Projects was not working properly.
  • Error fix: The IrisTask utility was not working properly.

Version: - date: 2023-01-26

Includes version
  • Data Import for Individuals and Teams has been added.
  • Multiple Project references for Accessions have been added.
  • Item data can be copied to new items within an accession.
  • Life form has been added as a selection criterion for the Stat06 report.
  • Reg./mod. init./date has been added as selection criteria for the Cont01 and Tax01 reports.
  • LocalityFull has been included in the Item02 report.
  • Counts for uploaded data (e.g. genera, species, etc.) are shown in the Web Explorer admin page.
Older versions

Version: - date: 2022-10-26

  • New screens for Individuals and Teams have been added in the Management group. The screens can be used to create person groups (e.g. collectors). Teams provide easier and consistent data entry of collectors and determination in the Accessions screen.
  • A new report for taxon common names, TaxCommonName01, has been added.
  • More contact fields have been added to the label reports.
  • A new summary report, OrdSum01, has been added for store orders.
  • Web search has been added in the Taxonomic groups screen.
  • More contact fields have been included in the Acc02 report.
  • Search with short location code has been added to reports and advanced search.
  • Error fix: Clear/new for User accounts and Role type was not functioning properly.
  • Error fix: Family common name was missing or incorrect for genera belonging to subfamilies.

Version: - date: 2022-08-24

  • The general screen layout has been cleaned up.
  • New screens for Authorization > User accounts and Role types.
  • New AccEvent01 report in the Accessions group that lists events and store orders connected to accessions.
  • Funding info has been removed from Label reports as it could create duplicates. Use the Events > Funding report instead.
  • New field, TaxonNameExclCultivar, for Labels.
  • Prefix for accession reports and filters has been changed from Obj to Acc. Data file and template names have not been changed as this might break existing use.
  • Error fix: The report Item02 could create inaccurate results or get a timeout in some cases.
  • Error fix: For complex hybrid names, brackets are added to the first name when it is a hybrid.
  • Error fix: Creation of zip-files failed for reports.
  • Error fix: Tasks were not shown in the Utilities > Task Scheduler screen.

Version: - date: 2022-03-28

  • The Preserved Material module is included in the Standard Package at no additional cost.
  • Numerous new search fields have been added to Reports and Adv. search.
  • New fields have been added to report outputs.
  • Small thumbnail images are initially loaded for Features, Tasks, Inspections, Funding and Tours. The full image can also be viewed.
  • Upload to Web Explorer has been improved.
  • Some characters (e.g. “ ”) are replaced in exports because Word will fail.

Version: - date: 2021-12-07

Includes version
  • Added WMTS map provider that can be used for ArcGIS/ArcGIS Online maps.
  • Store: Interaction between Stock Items and Accessions has been improved.
  • Fields for Illustrator and Dewey number have been added to the Library.
  • Error fix: The OpenStreetMap provider is working again.
  • Error fix: IPNI name lookup failed in some cases.
  • Error fix: Failure during logon/startup in some cases.

Version: - date: 2021-11-17

Includes versions and
  • When searching in dropdowns with long location codes an asterisk (*) can be used for bullets (•).
  • New functionality for handling taxon names has been added (Taxa > Names screen). See the Taxon name procedures topic in the Reference Guide.
  • Family common names have been included in the Item02 and Obj2 reports.
  • Family names without subranks are used in the Store (Stock Items and Catalogues).
  • Funding fields have been added to the labels report and are prefixed with "Fund".
  • Repeat in the Taxa screen will include custom attributes.
  • Map caching has been turned off.
  • An InfoURL field has been added in the Stock items screen. This can hold a web reference to the taxon or collection (e.g. in iNaturalist). The InfoURL is included when data is uploaded to the Index Seminum web.
  • Default image rank can be set in the File > Options screen.
  • "Has parentage" has been added as a selection criteria in Accessions > Adv. search.
  • Several taxon fields have been added in Item management > Adv. search.
  • A new option, Query Data, has been added in the Utilities > Task scheduler screen.
  • A new Matrilines field has been added to the Accessions > Items screen.
  • Error fix: Opening the Regions screen from Localities failed.
  • Error fix: Taxon search failed.

Version: - date: 2021-08-11

Includes version
  • Support for media files (audio and video) has been added for Taxa, Features and Tours. Keep the files small to improve performance and reduce space requirements in the database. The files will by default be included in uploads to Web Explorer.
  • Contacts can be selected from dropdowns in Reports and Advanced Search.
  • Search with status date has been improved for the Item history and propagation reports.
  • Error fix: Custom attributes did not function properly in Advanced Search.
  • Error fix: Web search failed with an error message.
  • Error fix: Data import of genera only failed in some cases.

Version: - date: 2021-07-19

For the benefit of the IrisBG community and users of Floria:
  • IrisBG is now compatible with Floria ver. 5.1.0.
Other changes:
  • Fields named "E-Document" have been changed to "File name" as the content can be other types such as spreadsheets and audio/video.
  • Files can be stored in association with Taxa.
  • Search in the dropdowns for taxon and locality has been improved (Accessions).
  • New map reports, Map05 - Features and Map06 - Funding, have been added.
  • Data import of taxon common names will not create duplicates.
  • Field names for item measurements in reports have been changed to match the names used for data import.
  • Accession origin is available for Exchange packing slips.

Version: - date: 2021-05-12

Includes versions and
  • The operator "Is empty" has been added for custom attributes (Adv. search and Reports).
  • Data Import of Taxon Parentage has been added.
  • Index Seminum orders are included in the Accessions > Events list.
  • The Darwin Core reports have been improved.
  • Several fields have been added to the ObjRel01 report.
  • Error fix: Data import of Accession Parentage failed.

Version: - date: 2021-03-16

  • Contact tags have been extended and support text and library references (documents).
  • Contact codes must be unique.
  • Upload of images to Web Explorer has been improved.
  • Accession parentage can be included in the Item02 report.

Version: - date: 2021-02-15

Includes version
  • Data import of Contacts has been added.
  • Field names in the contacts report Cont01 have been changed to match the names used for data import.
  • Direct print has been enabled for labels and reports that use a Word template.
  • Simple html-formatting has been added to Description fields in the Tours, Funding and Features screens. The formatting will be used when data is uploaded to Web Explorer. See the Html fields section in the Screens topic.
  • Field renaming has been added to Data Import. See the Data import files topic for details.
  • Taxon common names can be updated in Data Import.
  • Multiple packing slip templates are supported for Exchanges. Old customized templates must be updated. Get in touch for free help with the update.
  • Author fields have been added to reports with taxon names.
  • The default installation folder has been changed to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Compositae\Iris4\".
  • The old "\CustomTemplates" folder has been removed and is replaced by the new folder "C:\Users\[User name]\Compositae\Iris\CustomTemplates\". All users have access to this folder so it can be used during creation and test of new templates. Use the Definitions > Custom templates screen to store finished templates that should be available for all users.

Version: - date: 2020-10-30

  • Data import of Stock items and localities has been added. This makes it easier to register wild collected material for Index Seminum.
  • Locality and subdivision selection have been improved for Reports and Adv. search.
  • A field for location comments has been added for Accession Items.
  • Creation of IPEN can be automated when entering new accessions.

Version: - date: 2020-09-03

Includes versions and
  • Funding entries of type Item can be uploaded to Web Explorer as Features (e.g. memorial trees). See the Web Explorer topic in the Reference Guide (F1 in IrisBG) for details.
  • Expanded status for groups in Accession > Details will be saved between logons.
  • Determination fields have been made searchable in the Accession screen.
  • Search in the Inbox has been improved.
  • Origin name and ref. have been added as selection criteria for the Obj02 and Item02 reports.
  • Events and Attributes have been added as selection criteria for the ObjRel01 report.
  • All Item status types can be used as selection criteria for the Stat06 report.
  • All Propagation fields have been added to the Item02 report.
  • Duplicate check has been added for conserved accession numbers. Run the System task "Check duplicates" to check the collection for duplicates.
  • Error fix: Word template labels failed when the data file started with an invisible byte order mark (BOM).
  • Security update: The possibility for unauthorized use of the Inbox, Data Import and Background Tasks has been removed to guard data quality. If you have an add-on that will not work, please contact the vendor for a compatible version.

Version: - date: 2020-07-06

  • Calculation of inspection risk has been changed and all risk fields must be filled out for risk to be calculated.
  • Inspection risk fields have been added as selection criteria for the Insp01 report.
  • A new map report, MapInsp01, for Inspections has been added.
  • A field, Received as, for original name has been added to accession determination history.
  • Error fix: with Operator = Equal returned no data in Reports and Adv. search.
  • Error fix: Data Import of External Relations failed when combined with new Accessions.

Version: - date: 2020-06-10

Includes versions and
  • External relations to material in other collections can be defined in the Accessions > Reference tab for accessions and items. The collections are defined in the Contacts screen and must include a Relation template. The main purpose is to create links to persistent material such as preserved specimens and genetic samples. External relations are included in the Darwin Core Archive reports. A new report, ObjRel01 has also been added.
  • Accession events have been moved to a new tab.
  • Added support for update of NomenclStatus, NamePubl, NameSource and NameComments for TaxonName in the Data import module.
  • Measurements fields have been added to the ItemHist01 report.
  • Image resolution in the Web Explorer has been increased.
  • Reg. init./date and Mod. init./date can be used as search criteria for Label reports.
  • A selfpopulating dropdown has been added to Item location subref.
  • The field TaxonID has been added to Image reports and the Cat02 report.
  • Parentage fields have been added to adv. search for Taxa.

Version: - date: 2020-03-26

Includes versions, and
  • The Assets screen has been renamed to Features. Field names in data import and reports have also been renamed accordingly.
  • The Trails screen has been renamed to Tours.
  • The Import data screen has been renamed to Data import.
  • The values 'Critical' and 'Normal' have been added to Item Condition.
  • New fields related to DBH measurements have been added for Items and Inspections.
  • Precision for DBH measurements (Diameter and Girth) have been increased to 3 decimals for Items and Inspections.
  • Hybrid fields have been added to the Obj02, Item02 and Tax01 reports.
  • Error fix: Server logon password could fail for Email accounts. Please check/re-enter your password.

Version: - date: 2020-02-26

  • Additional fields for risk management have been added to Inspections.
  • Reg. date and Reg. init. can be used as search criteria and in output for the Obj02 and Item02 reports.
  • Error fix: Item location ref. will be sorted correctly in search lists.
  • Error fix: Upload to Web Explorer Tours handled images incorrectly.

Version: - date: 2020-01-28

Includes versions,,,, and

  • E-documents can be stored in association with Accessions.
  • DOI (Digital Object Identifier) has been added for Library items.
  • Restriction codes and names have been added to the Accessions, Items and Taxa reports.
  • Delivery Address and Address3 fields have been added to Contacts.
  • Shortcut Alt+E has been removed for the Delete button.
  • Error fix: Timeout when uploading tours to Web Explorer.
  • Error fix: The Configurations screen sometimes failed to load.
  • Error fix: Incorrect sorting in some dropdowns for reports and adv. search.
  • Error fix: Item selection fields were not shown for the ItemHist01 and ItemProp01 reports.

Version: - date: 2019-08-27

Includes versions and

  • Added Item Location code as a selection criterion for the BGCI report.
  • Red list fields have been added to Labels.
  • Incoming no. has been added to the Material group in Accessions.
  • Error fix: Custom maps failed to display.

Version: - date: 2019-06-15

Includes versions and

  • Large parts of the program code have been reengineered for better functionality.
  • Significant performance improvements, especially to large reports.
  • Added field for national red list in the Taxa form. Content in the regional field has been moved to the new national field.
  • Added field for Project in the Stock items form.
  • Added fields DetLevel, Slope and Aspect to label reports.
  • A system module "Concurrent users" has been added. Add this to user roles with access level = Admin to allow removal of users when the concurrency level has been reached.
  • Web Explorer can be configured to display image accession and licence.
  • Counts for items with map coordinates have been added to the Stat05 and Stat06 reports.
  • Error fix: Failure when LogonInit <> PersInit.

Version: - date: 2019-05-02

Includes versions and

  • Added new forms Task scheduler, Email templates and Email accounts that are located in the new Utilities menu group. The forms manage personal operations and data and are available to all users. The Task scheduler can be used to automate periodic tasks such as upload to Web Explorer and Report export. See the Utilities topic in IrisBG Help for details.
  • Command line tasks have been renamed to Background tasks and the documentation has been revised.
  • Support for delete of field content has been added to the Import data module. See the Data import topic in IrisBG Help for details.
  • Web Explorer priority for overlapping feature map markers can be set with the Sort field in the Location types form, where 1 is the highest priority.
  • A field for licence type has been added to images. This will override the default image licence type in the Collections form.
  • Images accessible with an URL (image library or direct link) will be included in the Darwin Core Archive reports (DwCA).
  • Sex type for both accessions and items has been added to adv. search in accessions, reports and data import.
  • Accession parentage fields have been added to the reports Obj02 and Task01.
  • QR Code fields have been added to the Tax01 report.

Version: - date: 2018-12-01

Includes versions and

  • Valid passwords must consist of letters and digits and have a length between 7 and 12 characters. The default password "changeme" is no longer allowed. This applies to user passwords and web service passwords. See the Passwords topic in IrisBG Help for details.
  • A grid for web links has been added in the Accessions form (References tab).
  • Import of Locations, Assets, Taxon web links, Accession web links and Taxon library references have been added to the Import data module.
  • Update is supported for import of Custom attributes. See the Data import topic in IrisBG Help for details.
  • The same image from an image library can be imported to different accessions or taxa.
  • New reports for Taxon and Accession web links have been added.
  • New reports TaxImage02 and ObjImage02 for image data (excluding the image) have been added.
  • For Locations and Assets the long code must be unique. The short code only needs to be unique within a tree level. The long codes are now visible in the forms.
  • Fields for original locality and interpretation have been added in the Localities form.
  • A field for Notes (internal) has been added to the Exchanges form.
  • A field for Case number has been added to Permits.
  • A new form for Darwin Core report parameters has been added and is accessible from the Collections form (DwC Params field). The parameters can be used for Darwin Core reports.
  • In the Orders form a Refresh button has been added in the list header. Refresh will update the list for open orders after items have been marked as out of stock.
  • Cross collection search has been added for the reports Obj02, Item02, Tax02, Tax03, Tax04, Stat06 and Bgci01. See the Reports topic in IrisBG Help for details.
  • A new report for filters has been added (RptFilter01 in the Miscellaneous group).
  • Report filters have been improved and can be used for a specific or all collections. See the Report filters topic in IrisBG Help for details. It is strongly recommended to update all existing filters (select + save). Use the new report, RptFilter01, to get a list of existing filters.
  • Collector and Det. by person names can be hidden in public exports (DwC publish reports and Web Explorer). See field "Publish person info" in the Collections form.
  • Taxon themes have been included in the Tax01 report.
  • An Attachments form has been added to the Exchanges form. Attachments can be any kind of e-documents and permit references.
  • Fields for delivery address have been added to the Contacts form.
  • A list with definitions for special report and label fields has been added.
  • A new common name field with language in parentheses, CommonNameAllLang, has been added to reports.
  • Web Explorer can be configured to display common names with language in parentheses.
  • Field length has been increased for taxon authors and for taxon and tax. group comments.
  • Images are automatically rotated when added based on their orientation property.
  • Content of dropdown lists can be copied by Ctrl+C when the list is shown.
  • Misspelled *Org* fields have been renamed to *Orig*.
  • Label templates using the fields CoordOrg* must be updated to use CoordOrig*.
  • Custom templates should be moved from the ...\Iris3\Custom templates folder to the database using the Custom templates form (Definitions).
  • Error fix: A performance problem when uploading taxon themes to Garden Explorer has been solved.
  • Error fix: Data import of taxonomic groups was not working properly.
  • Error fix: Data import of accession items was replacing given status date with the current date in some cases.
  • Error fix: Upload of tours (trails) to Garden Explorer was not linked to the specific collection (relevant for multi-collections installations).
  • Error fix: Custom Taxon attributes was not working for the Stat06 report.
  • Error fix: "et al." was not handled correctly for taxon authors.
  • Error fix: Alphanumeric sorting failed in some cases.
  • Error fix: Delete of accessions failed in cases when an image referred to an item.