Coffee Chats

Informal video meetings with your peers (and us!).

The Coffee Chats are an informal virtual coffee break for the IrisBG community where you get the opportunity to share experiences and give each other input. Perhaps you are wondering how to tackle a certain issue or you have found a smart way to use IrisBG that may benefit others. IrisBG will be present so questions to us are also welcome.

Use the registration form if you'd like to join one of the virtual Coffee Chats. We will confirm your registration and send you a link to our meeting.

Do you have something you want to discuss with your peers at a meeting? Let us know through the registration form or contact us.

For all members of the IrisBG community

Everyone who is a member of the IrisBG community is welcome - if you work or volunteer for a garden/institution with an active subscription you are automatically a member of the IrisBG community.

We can make exceptions, just get in touch if you are interested!

Times and dates

The meetings are scheduled for 45 minutes if nothing else is communicated. For upcoming dates, see the registration form or register for our newsletter to stay updated.

We will start out with every second Tuesday in the month at 3 pm UTC, but feel free to suggest a time and/or date. Since we have a community in many different time zones, we may have meetings to accommodate that.


We may have a topic of a chat, but in general the format is open and if we need more preparation to answer your question we will address it in a later chat. You're welcome to submit suggestions to topics.