A complete database and software solution to manage your botanical collection, used by gardens, arboreta, herbaria and private estates around the world.

The modern user experience in IrisBG will help you operate your garden efficiently and maintain a high standard of record keeping.

IrisBG manages a comprehensive set of botanical collection data, including plant history and related information such as taxa with synonyms, authors, images, collectors, contacts, etc. You can update your data using a PC, laptop, tablet or portable device and publish the plant collection online with IrisBG Garden Explorer. There is wide support for different map platforms to record the origin of plant material, as well as the location of your plants and garden areas.

The database and software package is based on the latest developments in information technology, is easy to use, install and maintain.

Who is using IrisBG?

Who is using IrisBG?

IrisBG Garden Explorer at Stellenbosch University Botancical Garden

Subtitles are available in English, German, Dutch, Spanish and Norwegian
IrisBG Garden Explorer at Stellenbosch University Botancical Garden

IrisBG - Collection Management for the 21st Century

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