Introduction to IrisBG

Welcome to the IrisBG training course, Introduction to IrisBG.

Before you begin:

  • Please make sure you have the latest version of the IrisBG trial software installed on your computer.
  • To sign up to this course, please register as a member of the IrisBG User Forum.
  • If you have already signed up as a forum member and cannot access the course, send an email to or send a support request.

If you are signed up, you should be able to click on unit 1 below to start your first exercise.

Enjoy the course and thank you for choosing IrisBG.

Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 Basic data model and terminology
Unit 2 Logging in and navigation between the screens
Module 2 Searching for records
Unit 1 Using standard search fields
Unit 2 Using search fields in the details tab
Unit 3 Combining fields using standard search
Unit 4 Advanced search
Module 3 Update and adding records
Unit 1 Updating an existing accession
Unit 2 Add a new accession
Unit 3 Add a new accession with new taxa
Unit 4 Web Search and IPNI Validation
Unit 5 Adding images
Module 4 Using maps
Unit 1 Recording map coordinates
Unit 2 Creating maps
Module 5 Using reports
Unit 1 Accession report
Unit 2 Accession items report
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