Version: released 2019-06-15

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    Version – 2019-06-15

    This version includes a fix for logon failure when LogonInit <> PersInit.

    Summary of changes in version 4:

    • Large parts of the program code have been reengineered for better functionality.
    • Significant performance improvements, especially to large reports.
    • Added field for national red list in the Taxa form. Content in the regional field has been moved to the new national field.
    • Added field for Project in the Stock items form.
    • Added fields DetLevel, Slope and Aspect to label reports.
    • A system module "Concurrent users" has been added. Add this to user roles with access level = Admin to allow removal of users when the concurrency level has been reached.
    • Web Explorer can be configured to display image accession and license.
    • Counts for items with map coordinates have been added to the Stat05 and Stat06 reports.
    • Error fix: Failure when LogonInit <> PersInit.
    • Added new forms Task scheduler, E-mail templates and E-mail accounts that are located in the new Utilities menu group. The forms manage personal operations and data and are available to all users. The Task scheduler can be used to automate periodic tasks such as upload to Web Explorer and Report export. See the Utilities topic for details.
    • Command line tasks have been renamed to Background tasks and the documentation has been revised.
    • Support for delete of field content has been added to the Import data module. See the Data import topic for details.
    • Web Explorer priority for overlapping feature map markers can be set with the Sort field in the Location types form, where 1 is the highest priority.
    • A field for license type has been added to images. This will override the default image license type in the Collections form.
    • Images accessible with an URL (image library or direct link) will be included in the Darwin Core Archive reports (DwCA).
    • Sex type for both accessions and items has been added to adv. search in accessions, reports and data import.
    • Accession parentage fields have been added to the reports Obj02 and Task01.
    • QR Code fields have been added to the Tax01 report.
    • Valid passwords must consist of letters and digits and have a length between 7 and 12 characters. The default password "changeme" is no longer allowed. This applies to user passwords and web service passwords. See the Passwords topic for details.
    • A grid for web links has been added in the Accessions form (References tab).
    • Import of Locations, Assets, Taxon web links, Accession web links and Taxon library references have been added to the Import data module.
    • Update is supported for import of Custom attributes. See the Data import topic for details.
    • The same image from an image library can be imported to different accessions or taxa.
    • New reports for Taxon and Accession web links have been added.
    • New reports TaxImage02 and ObjImage02 for image data (excluding the image) have been added.
    • For Locations and Assets the long code must be unique. The short code only needs to be unique within a tree level. The long codes are now visible in the forms.
    • Fields for original locality and interpretation have been added in the Localities form.
    • A field for Notes (internal) has been added to the Exchanges form.
    • A field for Case number has been added to Permits.
    • A new form for Darwin Core report parameters has been added and is accessible from the Collections form (DwC Params field). The parameters can be used for Darwin Core reports.
    • In the Orders form a Refresh button has been added in the list header. Refresh will update the list for open orders after items have been marked as out of stock.
    • Cross collection search has been added for the reports Obj02, Item02, Tax02, Tax03, Tax04, Stat06 and Bgci01. See the Reports topic for details.
    • A new report for filters has been added (RptFilter01 in the Miscellaneous group).
    • Report filters have been improved and can be used for a specific or all collections. See the Report filters topic for details. It is strongly recommended to update all existing filters (select + save). Use the new report, RptFilter01, to get a list of existing filters.
    • Collector and Det. by person names can be hidden in public exports (DwC publish reports and Web Explorer). See field "Publish person info" in the Collections form.
    • Taxon themes have been included in the Tax01 report.
    • An Attachments form has been added to the Exchanges form. Attachments can be any kind of e-documents and permit references.
    • Fields for delivery address have been added to the Contacts form.
    • A list with definitions for special report and label fields has been added.
    • A new common name field with language in parentheses, CommonNameAllLang, has been added to reports.
    • Web Explorer can be configured to display common names with language in parentheses.
    • Field length has been increased for taxon authors and for taxon and tax. group comments.
    • Images are automatically rotated when added based on their orientation property.
    • Content of dropdown lists can be copied by Ctrl+C when the list is shown.
    • Misspelled *Org* fields have been renamed to *Orig*.
    • Label templates using the fields CoordOrg* must be updated to use CoordOrig*.
    • Custom templates should be moved from the …\Iris3\Custom templates folder to the database using the Custom templates form (Definitions).
    • Error fix: A performance problem when uploading taxon themes to Garden Explorer has been solved.
    • Error fix: Data import of taxonomic groups was not working properly.
    • Error fix: Data import of accession items was replacing given status date with the current date in some cases.
    • Error fix: Upload of tours (trails) to Garden Explorer was not linked to the specific collection (relevant for multi-collections installations).
    • Error fix: Custom Taxon attributes was not working for the Stat06 report.
    • Error fix: "et al." was not handled correctly for taxon authors.
    • Error fix: Alphanumeric sorting failed in some cases.
    • Error fix: Delete of accessions failed in cases when an image referred to an item.
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