Version: released 2017-11-27

  • Oyvind


    Release – 2017-11-27
    Includes versions, and

    • New search fields and/or operators have been added to accession reports, item reports and adv. search in the Accessions and Item management forms.
    • Full contact information, including e-mail, has been added to the reports Exch01, Fund01, Task01 and Cont10.
    • Error fix: Solved "DbConcurrencyException" when typing acc. no manually.
    • Error fix: The GenusSpecies field in reports was incorrect for hybrids.
    • Error fix: Search for "Tax. group name" in reports was not working properly.
    • Error fix: Adv. search for multi-collection installations displayed data from all collections after Clear/New. This is an important fix for multi-collection installations.
    • Error fix: Conversion error for negative degrees in formats DM and DMS. Run System task “Update localities” to recompute all coordinates.
    • Error fix: Included the correct fix for “DbConcurrencyException” when typing acc. no manually.
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