Version: released 2017-10-05

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    Release – 2017-10-05
    Includes version

    • A new Query builder is used for Reports, Advanced search in Accessions, Taxa and Item management and for System tasks. See the Query builder topic for details. Please check that old report filters are applied correctly.
    • Search result columns can be configured in the Accessions, Item management and Taxa forms. The feature is named “Grid columns” (Data menu) and is enabled for admin users when the search result list is visible. Changes to the columns will take effect for all users.
    • The dialogue window “Continue without saving changes?” has been changed to “Save changes?”. The meaning of the Ok and Cancel buttons has also changed accordingly.
    • An unlimited number of Custom Map providers can be defined. Use the add (+) button to create new providers.
    • Improvements have been made for high resolution screens and larger display fonts.
    • Minor changes have been made to the button images.
    • Restrictions have been added as report selection fields (reports Obj02, Item02 and Tax01).
    • Contact address fields have been added to the Funding report (Fund01).
    • New fields have been added to reports: TaxonNameTagged (Tax01); StorageNo and ItemConsNo (ItemHist01, ItemProp01); Family common name (Tax01).
    • Received ref. (Rec. ref.) has been added to Adv. search in the Accessions and Item management forms and as a search criterion for reports.
    • A new report for Exchanges (Events) has been added.
    • A new System task for checking duplicates has been added.
    • Image provider and origin are included in data uploads to the Web Explorer.
    • Propgation fields have been added to the Data import module.
    • Author fields have been made searchable in the Taxa form.
    • Custom attributes for Taxa and Accessions can be removed by deleting the attribute definition.
    • The actual registration is focused when opening an event form from Accessions -> References.
    • Alphanumeric sort is used for Accessions -> Items -> Location ref.
    • Upload speed to Garden Explorer has been improved.
    • The reports Stat01 – 04 have been removed.
    • Error fix: The correct label count field is used for label-2 creation.
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