Version: released 2017-01-09

  • Oyvind


    Release – 2017-01-09
    Includes versions,, and

    • A new form for database storage of Custom templates has been added, see the Custom templates topic for details.
    • Interpretation of coordinates has been improved in the Localities form.
    • Label handling has been improved with new fields for label-2 and code list for
      for label status.
    • A new field type for multiple code values (CodeMulti) has been added to Custom attributes.
    • New propagation fields (Quantity, Failure and Comments) have been added for Items in the Accessions form.
    • Custom attributes have been adde to the Item history and Propagations reports.
    • Search on Status date range has been implemented for the Item history, Item history map and Propagations reports.
    • A new Tax. group report has been added (TaxGroup01).
    • A new Permit report has been added (Permit01).
    • A System task for copying Donor type from Contacts to Accessions has been added.
    • Additional report fields have been included: DetTaxonName (Obj02), DonorType (Obj02, SumAcc01), LibraryRef (Tax01) and WebRef (Tax01).
    • New fields No. and Material have been added in the Exchanges form.
    • Labels can be created for all Item status types.
    • Purpose for Accessions has been added as a report search criterion.
    • Materialtype code has been added to Labels.
    • The Darwin Core Archive reports (DwCA) have been improved.
    • Error fix: The Update images system task created large images. To revert the images run the task with Max. res. = Original and Change all to JPEG = No.
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