Version: released 2016-07-06

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    Release – 2016-07-06
    Includes version

    • A task wizard has been added in the Tasks form. The wizard can be used to create new tasks based on existing ones. See the Tasks topic for further details.
    • Collection code and current datetime can be used as part of report and label filenames. See the Report types and Label types topics.
    • Taxon themes are included in the upload to Garden Explorer.
    • The Item ref. dropdown in the Accessions form will now include items from other accessions with the same population number and the accession referred by parentage.
    • The TaxonName field can be used for reference to existing names (accepted and synonyms) in the Import data module.
    • The taxon name dropdowns support search with partial names. To search for
      Arabis alpina
      it is sufficient to enter ar al, ara a, ar alp, etc. To seach for
      cultivars include the apostrophe, e.g. 'cultivar.
    • Installations with multiple collections can authorize users to "<< All
      collections >>". The authorization can be overridden if an user needs higher
      privileges for a specific collection.
    • Handling of Permits has been added in the Accessions form (References tab).
    • A new form for Permit data and a code list for Permit types have been added.
    • Import of Permits has been added to the Import data module.
    • New Darwin Core Archive reports have been added (DwCA01 and DwCA02).
    • Additional selection criteria for Adv. search have been added in the Accessions and Taxa forms.
    • Additional report fields and selection criteria have been included.
    • A web service will be notified after software upgrades to help us offering the best possible support.
    • Error fix: Field names in the Library report is now in sync with Library import field names.
    • Error fix: Paste of locality in the Accessions form generated an exception error.
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