Version: released 2016-02-01

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    Release – 2016-02-01
    Includes version

    • Report filters for reuse of selection criteria have been added to the Reports, Maps and Labels forms. See the Report filters topic for details.
    • Update of item history status date and person has been added in the Item management form.
    • Reports can be run as command line tasks. See the Command line tasks topic for details.
    • UUID (Universally unique id) has been added to images (ImageUuid) and will be assigned automatically. Existing data will updated during installation of the new version. UUID’s are not visible in the forms, but can be included in the field list for Image Reports.
    • Import of Taxon Common names and Themes has been added to the Import data module.
    • Import of Localities has been improved and more fields have been added to TaxonDetail in the Import data module.
    • A sortable list is used in the Change collection form.
    • The Nomencl. status field in the Taxa form has been changed to a self-populating dropdown and is searchable.
    • Deep image zoom has been added as an option in the Garden Exlorer module.
    • An image field has been added for entries in the Tasks and Inspections forms.
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