Version: released 2015-12-01

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    Release – 2015-12-01
    Includes interim versions,,,, and

    • Search on tax. groups in Adv. search and Reports have been extended to include all groups above genus.
    • Fields for tax. groups above genus have been included in the labels, accessions, items and taxa reports.
    • In the Fundings form images can be added for the entries. The report Fund01 has been extended to include fields necessary for labels.
    • A new report, Stat07 for Event statistics has been added.
    • Support for LDAP and SSO (Single sign-on) have been added. LDAP/SSO configuration can be specified in the Configurations form. Single sign-on can be deactivated by the user in the Options form (File menu) if it is has been turned on for a domain.
    • Logon user has been added as a new field in the Personnel form. The field can be used to specify a logon id that is different from the IrisBG initials (e.g. network or computer user name).
    • Images can be added from web links and from an image library. See the Collections, Images and Import files topics for details.
    • Image date and provider (= copyright or artist) will be extracted from the image properties.
    • Use a lower case “x” to search for hybrid genera. Use an upper case “X” to search for genera starting with “X”. This applies to taxon name search fields and dropdowns for taxon names or genera.
    • Import of hybrid taxa (using Hybrid parent-1 and 2) has been added to the Import data module.
    • New fields for Short name and Donor type have been added in the Contacts form. When referred in the Accessions form the Short name will be copied to Origin name and Donor type to Donor type. The list of Contact Roles has been renamed to Tags.
    • Custom attributes have been added to Adv. search in the Item management form.
    • Change of the IrisBG password has been added in the File menu.
    • A sortable list is used in the Change collection form.
    • Error fix: Handling of fully qualified accession/item numbers has been improved (e.g. interpretation in Accessions, Tasks, Data import, etc.).
    • Error fix: Data import of many/large images failed due to memory problems.
    • Error fix: Support for search using multiple custom attributes has been added.
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