Version released 2015-08-18

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    Update – 2015-09-08

    • Support for LDAP and Single sign-on have been added (Beta release). LDAP configuration can be specified in the Configurations form. Single sign-on can be activated by the user in the Options form (File menu).
    • Image date and provider (= copyright or artist) will be extracted from the image properties.
    • Use a lower case “x” to search for hybrid genera. Use an upper case “X” to search for genera starting with “X”. This applies to taxon name search fields and dropdowns for taxon names or genera.

    Release – 2015-08-18
    Includes interim versions,,,, and

    • Import of Events (Tasks, Inspections, Fundings, Trails, Exchanges) has been added to the Import data module.
    • Field names in Event reports have been changed to match field names in the Import data module. Customized reports should be updated to use the new field names.
    • Correction of current item lines (without changing history) and correction of history lines have been added in the Item management form (see topic for details).
    • A list for themes has been added in the Taxa form (Detail tab). Theme types must be defined in the Code lists form. Use the report TaxTheme01 to export data.
    • Support for internet access thru a proxy server has been added.
    • Multiple file formats are available for the Darwin Core reports.
    • Authors have been added to the field list for Accession objects and items reports.
    • Author abbreviations will be changed to correct casing if present in the Authors list.
    • Max. image resolution has been increased from 10 to 50 Megapixels.
    • Full multilingual support has been added to the Import data module.
    • Multilingual fields: Making changes in the default language will not affect content in other languages.
    • The fields ParentTaxon1 and ParentTaxon2, BreederName and Date, RegisterName and Date, ParentageComment have been added to the Obj02, Item02 and Tax01 reports.
    • Hybrid formulas for taxa of the same genus will now include abbreviated genus for the second parent, e.g. Salix caprea × lapponum will change to Salix caprea × S. lapponum. Run the System task: Update taxa to update names that use the hybrid formula fields.
    • A command line option has been added for some tasks. See the Command line tasks topic for details.
    • Item number will be shown for individual plants in Garden Explorer.
    • Error fix: Some images generated an error due to invalid properties data (exif).
    • Error fix: Accession lists created from Taxa -> References sometimes included other taxa.
    • Error fix: Data Import failed when AccYear and AccNo were specified.
    • Error fix: Length of some multi-lingual fields has been increased.
    • Error fix: Data Import failed in some cases when trying to update non-existing accessions.
    • Error fix: Replace in field failed for content with non-latin characters.
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