Version released 2015-02-08

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    Release – 2015-02-08
    Includes interim versions,,,, and

    • Image resolution in uploads to Garden Explorer (GE) has been increased as GE now support magnification of images. To get the increased resolution set "Reload all images" = yes in the next upload to GE. The magnification in GE will show images up to their original size.
    • Restriction symbols are now visible in the search result list and in the main form for Accessions and Taxa. A tool tip will show the text on mouse over.
    • Restrictions have been added to the reports for Accessions data (objects & items) and for Taxa data.
    • Order date has been added in the Order form (Store).
    • Trade name can be appended to the scientific name by using an append checkbox in the Taxa form.
    • Tax. group Order has been added to Label reports and Accession (object & item) reports.
    • Item status date will be set to current date if not changed when item history is created.
    • e-Documents for Library items can be opened directly from the References tab in the Accessions and Taxa forms.
    • Improvements to the Multilingual Data Entry.
    • More fields have been included in the upload to Garden Explorer.
    • A field for item Container is now available in the Material group. The field is named CultContainer in reports.
    • A field for PURL (Persistent uniform resource locator) prefix has been added in the Collections form. The prefix will be concatenated with UUID’s in the Label reports.
    • A field for External CollectionId has been added in the Collections form. This is intended for the URI in external repositories such as and will be used in the Darwin Core reports.
    • The content of the Darwin Core reports has been revised and improved.
    • Error fix: Import of Taxa could, in some cases, create invalid references when a genus has an infra generic group with the same name.
    • Error fix: Import of Accessions did not record the Determined as taxon name.
    • Error fix: Queries in Unicode languages failed in some cases.
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