Version released 2014-09-18

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    Release – 2014-09-18
    Includes interim versions, and

    • Multilingual Data Entry has been added. This is an optional module that is available for purchase. See the Multilingual topic for details.
    • The logic for global Replace in Dropdown lists has been changed. The new value is now picked up from the input control. Existing value(s) to be replaced must be selected from the list in the Replace form.
    • In the Event forms (Tasks, etc.), entry values can pasted from a newline-delimited list.
    • In the Trails (Tours) form, Show route has been added as an option for map display. It is also possible to add images for the entries. These fields will be included in uploads to the Garden Explorer.
    • New import fields for item measurements have been added to the Import data module.
    • A check field, Unique item no, has been added in the Collections form. When checked, unique item numbers within accessions will be enforced. The initial value will reflect the status of the collection. To remove duplicate numbers, check this field, Save and run the System task: Update accession items. Renumbered items can retrieved by searching for "OldItemNo" in the Item Comments field.
    • In the Taxa form, parent group for genera is shown in the Genus dropdown.
    • In the Tax. groups form, the full hierarchy for a group is shown below the the name in the yellow upper right field.
    • In the Accessions form, Det. type (cf., aff., etc.) is shown after the name in the yellow Taxon name field.
    • A field for Restriction has been added in the Accessions form.
    • A new export report, DwC02 – Publish Darwin Core 2, has been added. This report will exclude data or material that have a publish restriction on the Taxon, Accession or Item level. The primary target for the report is data transfer to GBIF.
    • A new Store report, OrdStat03 – Order taxon statistics, has been added.
    • Several fields, including custom attributes, have been added/renamed in the Field list for the Task01 report. Field lists for new reports or customizations based on Task01 must be redone.
    • Field length for Taxon Usage and Usage note has been increased.
    • Search by Clipboard (i.e. paste Acc. no. from Clipboard and perform Search) has been added to the Data menu in the Accessions form.
    • Error fix: Synchronization of images from IrisBG Mobile failed.
    • Error fix: Import of Taxon details failed in some cases.
    • Error fix: Import of Accession parentage produced error messages.
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