Version released 2014-05-13

  • Oyvind


    Release – 2014-05-13
    Includes interim version

    • New reports for accessions and taxa Images (ObjImage01 and TaxImage01) have been added. The images are exported to a zip-file which also includes a "content.txt" file with details (tab separated, can be opened in Excel).
    • A new report, Ord03 – Order packing slips, has been added to the Store Reports.
    • Several fields have been added to Adv. search in the Taxa and Accessions forms.
    • Several fields have been added to the Fields list for Report and Label types, e.g. AccImageCount and (Taxon)ImageCount.
    • Several fields have been added as selection criteria for Reports and Labels, e.g. Event entry status.
    • A new field, Location subref., has been added for Items. This field can be used for further subdivision of Location ref.
    • The separator between latitude and longitude for localities has been changed from "x" to "|". Run the System tasks -> Update localities and Update store to update existing data.
    • UUID (Universally unique id) has been added to accessions (AccUuid) and items (ItemUuid) and will be assigned automatically. Existing data will updated during installation of the new version. UUID’s are not visible in the forms, but can be used for search in the Accessions form (yellow Accession field). UUID’s can be included in the field list for Accessions and Items Reports and for Labels. Exports in the Darwin Core 2 format, e.g. to GBIF, will use UUID’s.
    • Error fix: Dates with year only could not be entered.
    • Error fix: Partial dates on systems with hyphen (-) as date separator were handled incorrectly.
    • Error fix: During Import, new genera may have been assigned to incorrect parent group (e.g. order instead of family).
    • Error fix: In the reports Stat05 and 06, the counts for determined/not determined have been incorrect.
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