Version released 2014-03-18

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    Release – 2014-03-18
    Includes interim versions, and

    • Partial has been added as a new choice for Publish in the Locations and Assets forms. Locations and Assets with partial publish will not be shown on the maps and lists in Garden Explorer, but can be included and shown for Trails (Tours). Underlying Locations and Assets without a choice for publish will inherit publish from their nearest parent.
    • The fields for locality Province and County have been renamed to Subdiv. 1 and 2. Field name references in external templates (Word, Label programs) must be changed from Province and County to Subdiv1 and Subdiv2, respectively.
    • The fields Other ref. and Gender have been renamed to Cons(erved) no and Sex, respectively, in the Accessions form.
    • The reference fields for Items have been placed in a group panel at top of the details pane in the Accession – Items tab.
    • Coordinate Accuracy has been renamed to Coordinate Trueness in the Locality form.
    • New reports for Locations and Assets have been added.
    • Item status date and Coll. date have been added to the selection criteria for the relevant Reports and Labels.
    • Import of Plots, Library items and Accession library references have been added to the Import data module.
    • For Accessions and Taxa, access to different parts of the form can be restricted. See the Role types topic for details about this authorization.
    • For Accessions of preserved material, a new field for Individual id has been added.
    • Fields for InfraName-3 (displayed for preserved material), Hybrid parents and Name source have been added for taxon names in the Taxa form.
    • A field for Name source has been added in the Tax. groups form.
    • New fields have been added to Adv. search in the Taxa and Accessions forms.
    • New fields have been added to the Fields list for Report and Label types.
    • The F11 key can be used to toggle full screen mode.
    • Ctrl+A can be used to Select All in lists (grids) that support multi-select.
    • Error fix: Validation of ISBN/ISSN.
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