Version released 2013-12-06

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    Release – 2013-12-06
    Includes interim versions, and

    • A check field for Use has been added in the Web links form.
    • A new form for Acc. item codes has been added and the Preparation types form has been removed. This form is currently used for codes related to preserved material such as Preparation type, Storage container and Storage medium.
    • For Items of preserved material, new fields for Storage container and medium, Prep. quality, Created date and person have been added.
    • The symbols for Restriction types have been changed to indicate the levels for Usage and Publish.
    • The Shielded field in the Taxa form has been replaced by a Restriction field.
    • Fields for CITES date and comments have been added in the Taxa form.
    • A field for alternative Common names has been added in the Tax. groups form. Data in this field will be available for genus and family searches in the Garden Explorer.
    • A new label display mode "Permanent – Number" has been added in the Map form. This mode will reduce overlap between labels. The map and data connected to the numbers can be saved to files from the "Save map and data" button.
    • New fields have been added to Adv. search in the Taxa and Accessions forms.
    • A new field for Quantity has been added to the Stock items form.
    • In the Stock items form, the Clear command has been split into Clear/New (clear all fields) and Clear/Keep (clear all except "constant" fields).
    • A new Excluded status has been added for entries in the Tasks, Inspections, Trails and Fundings forms.
    • The Store reports Cat01 and Cat02 have been renamed to Pub01 and Pub10, respectively. New data export reports, Cat02 and Stock01 have been added.
    • Custom attributes have been added as selection criteria for the Events reports (except Fund01).
    • The Location ref. field in Accession Items has been changed to a self-populating dropdown.
    • In the Localities form, a warning symbol will be shown for Provinces and Counties that not exists in the Region form.
    • In the Trails form, the description for an entry will override the default taxon or asset text when published to the Garden Explorer. The text from the asset or taxon will always be displayed when a tour item is selected.
    • Error fix: Infrageneric groups sometimes did not show up in the Taxa form.
    • Error fix: Work types were sometimes behaving erroneously in the Inspections form.
    • Error fix: Accession reports included historical (outdated) item records when item fields were used as report selection criteria.
    • Error fix: Dependent taxa were not shown for Expire and Deprecate of infrageneric taxonomic groups.
    • Error fix: Save of new Store Catalogues failed.
    • Error fix: For taxa, the "gx/grex" designation has not been placed after the name. Run the System task Update taxa to correct this issue if the collection includes greges.

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