Version released 2013-09-24

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    Release – 2013-09-24
    • A new form for Trails and Tours has been added in the Events menu group. See the Trails topic for details.
    • The forms Tasks, Inspections, Trails and Fundings can now display their entries on the collection map. For Inspections and Trails, the sort order of entries is used to create a route on the map between the entries.
    • For the forms Tasks, Inspections, Fundings and Trails, sorting of the entries by up/down buttons or by drag and drop has been added.
    • In the Fundings form, a funding can now refer to entries of different types.
    • New pages for Features (Assets) and Tours have been added to the Garden Explorer. These pages will become visible when data is uploaded.
    • A new button, Reposition labels, has been added in the Map form. Reposition will try to reduce the overlap between permanent labels. The command can be run multiple times. For best results, zoom in to reduce the number of visible labels.
    • A new label display mode “medium text” has been added in the Map form.
    • A new field for Rank has been added to Web references in the Taxa and Tax. groups forms. The Rank field is used to control upload and sort order to the Garden Explorer.
    • Search for Item Status type has been added in the Item management form.
    • The F9 key can be used as a shortcut for Save.
    • New fields for Collection type, Item types, Tax. groups and Unit of measurement have been added to the setup in the Collections form. See the Collections topic for details.
    • The field “Rec. ref.” has been added back in the Accessions form.
    • Several new fields have been added to the Report and and Label exports.
    • Transfer of synonyms has been added in the Taxa form, see the Taxon name procedures.
    • Several new map markers for use with Assets have been added in the Location types form.

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