Version released 2013-03-18

  • Oyvind


    Version – 2013-03-18
    • Search has been improved in the Tax. groups form. After search, the group lists can be restored by using the List command.
    • The report Stat05 has been renamed to “Complete record count” and will list counts for all registrations in the database.
    • A new report, “Stat06 – Collection count”, has been added. This report will list counts for current accessions (i.e. that have items with status = active).
    • Fields for Provenance and Det. level has been added in the Stock items form. When an accession is specified, det. level will be copied from the accession.
    • In the Stock items form, multiple accessions can be added in the same operation from the Accessions form.
    • Location code and name have been added to the export of Labels data.
    • Location codes should be unique within a collection.
    • The right and left arrow keys can be used for expand and collapse when navigation in grouped lists (tree lists).
    • Import of item coordinates has been added to the Import data module.
    • The field, ItemAzimDist (Azimuth-Distance) has been added to the Item02 report.
    • The fields IpenNumber and IpenMember has been added to the Obj02 and Item02 reports.
    • A field for Trade name has been added in the Taxa form.
    • The term “Global Red List” has been changed to “IUCN Red List”.

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