Transfer to Web Explorer – Uploading Taxa Themes is slow

  • DanielMosquin



    We recently imported a single theme to ~ 5000 taxa, which is working well enough within the software client. However, I am finding that the Uploading Taxon Themes step in Transfer to Web Explorer is now inordinately slow compared to all of the other steps — on the magnitude of ~15 minutes compared to 10 seconds or so for every other step.

    Might be something to look at? It’s not a big deal for the occasional upload, but when you are tweaking and testing like I am at the moment, it really slows down the process.



    Thanks a lot Daniel for reporting this issue and sending me your database! Having your data made tracking down this issue relatively easy.

    A fix will be included in the next IrisBG release.




    Thanks Øyvind for the quick fix.

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