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  • DanielMosquin


    Would it be possible to add Taxon Custom Attributes to the export of data permitted to be shown in Web Explorer? (maybe only the ones that are String data type)



    Hi Daniel,
    The custom attributes are not supported for GE. However, the Themes can be published and also offer you more flexiblity than attributes with the option to sort and hide some entries using “ranking”.

    The themes also support multi-lingual data entry.for those who use this capablity.



    A further note about Theme for users self-hosting GE:
    To be visible the keyword “theme” must be added to the <detailcontent> line in WebExpl.config.
    E.g. <detailcontent>…|theme|…</detailcontent>
    This will display all themes.
    If only specific themes should be displayed add “theme+themetypecode, theme+themetypecode,…”
    E.g. <detailcontent>…|theme+FR,theme+FL|…</detailcontent>

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    Hmm, well, we have some data in custom attribute fields that _could_ be moved into themes, but if we do that, then we either have to deal with duplicating the data in two places to get the same info in our reports (themes are not available in Taxa Tax01 report) or not have it appear in reports.

    The freetext nature of Themes also opens it up to typos / errors etc. that you wouldn’t have with some custom attributes when those are from a picklist. For example, if I make a theme “Awards” and want to add something from the RHS Award of Garden Merit, depending on the person adding the data, I could be displaying “RHS Award of Garden Merit”, “RHS AGM”, “Award of Garden Merit”, “Awrd of Gardn Merit” etc. etc. Whereas if this is from a custom attributes field, it is consistently “RHS Award of Garden Merit” or whatever I choose as an admin.

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