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    Dear all,

    I am preparing the seed catalogue for the first time with Iris, and some questions are left:

    do I have any possibility to affect which fields from the database are merged in the “Acc. information” field?

    all additional information which might be interesting for potential purchaser can only be added via custom attributes, something like “AtrA_Information” and the ReportType. Or?

    can I enter seeds, collected directly from nature sites, directly into the stock items without accessioning before? How is the IPEN then generated if there is no Accession number?

    It is thought, that we use only one Store for all upcoming seed catalogues. In our garden, every year about 1000 stock items have to be added, so that the list will get very fast very long. Can the status-out items be masked somehow?

    I imported the accessions via tasks into the stock items (one task per collector/location, which was quite comfortable). How can I prevent adding some accessions two times (some accessions are planted in several locations and might be collected by two gardeners)?

    Since many little mistakes are recognized only in the catalogue, it would be helpful, if there would be a button or something like that, to refresh all 2019 collected seeds in the stock items, when you corrected the mistakes in the accession sheets. Or something like that.

    Ok, I finished the catalogue already, and it worked well, so this is not so urgent, but I would be happy for all answers!




    Hi Alex,
    Thanks for the questions.

    Acc information field
    The “Acc. Information” is unfortunatly fixed an cannot be changed beside changing the locality information in the accession record.

    Non-accessioned material.
    You can add material that is not accessioned by just referring to the taxon name and locality information can also be recorded directly in stock items (Note: seed catalogue localities are separate from accession localities). However, to supply an IPEN number, you would need to accession the material. It is a requirement as an IPEN member to keep details about the material at source (your collection).

    Bulk update
    You can update the status for a list of stock items by selecting the items you would like to update and the “right-click” in the search result list. This will allow you to change status for selected entries.

    Duplicate entries (accession number)
    I can only suggest that you run a “stock item” report before you prepare the catalogue (make sure accession number is in the list).

    For additional tips, you can also look at this video:

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