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  • Yael Orgad



    we have several questions and requests for things we encountered while working with the IrisBG:

    1. when adding stock items – if we have updated the accession’s locality, we want to be able to refresh the entire list of items.
    2. it would be very very helpful to be able to import a list of stock items from excel.
    3. importing a list of contacts from an excell sheet.
    4. when we create the stock items – we want the acc. info field to include the data from: Country, Subdiv. 1, Subdiv. 2 and Org. Coord. – our locality data is written in hebrew, and we prefer not to include it.

    can any of these items be done?
    thank you very much.



    Thanks for the questions

    1. If you change/update locality after you have added the accession reference to a stock Item, you will have to refresh the value this way: Add a space after the accession number and click the […] button. We will consider a refresh button to make this easier.
    2. A workaround is to import the plant material as accessions. From the stock item screen, you can then click the “” field button […], search for the new accessions, select all and click “Select and close”. All the accessions will then be added as Stock Items
    3. Thank you for the feedback.
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