Library items – Export and Import Errors?

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    I’m attempting to export the Library items report, make changes to the spreadsheet, then re-import. I’m tripping up on a few things.

    1) after exporting the Library item list, I see that the field TitleFull is an aggregate of several other fields. That one should then be ignored for preparing for an import, I guess?

    2) upon attempting to re-import the same spreadsheet (readied for import through the IrisBG Excel Plugin), I received errors. It didn’t seem to like my page number formatting or my use of the Book Title field. It also misconstrued the Comments field as belonging to Accessions instead of Library Items.

    I know the data import / export can be a bit tricky, but what I was doing was very straightforward, so I’m hoping it’s not me but rather some sort of bug or oversight…

    See attachments.

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    Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for reporting this issue. We have now changed the Library items report so it uses the same field names as in the data import. You are right about the TitleFull field, it is an aggregate that will be ignored in the import. See the documentation (Help) for valid field names in data imports.

    Kind regards,



    Thanks Øyvind!

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