IrisBG Mobile / Mobile Sync released 2015-04-16

  • Havard


    This service upgrade contains the following improvements:

    • Image Provider field is now automatically assigned with «Current user».
    • Image Origin field is now automatically assigned with «IrisBG Mobile [Machine name]».
    • Image rank can now be assigned when new images are added.
    • Images that exceed maximum file size of 2.1 MB are optionally downscaled to 3 megapixel.
    • Advanced search now supports “Accession item number”. This can be used in cases where gardens have legacy accession numbers that does contain year and number.
    • SQL Server Compact database upgraded to
    • Fix: Searching for newly added accessions with accession year + number.
    • Fix: Message “Record no longer in database” with wildcard search.
    • Improved compatibility with Nautiz X8 device.

    More details about Nautiz x8:

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