IrisBG Mobile / Mobile Sync released 2014-09-16

  • Havard


    This service upgrade contains the following improvements:

    • Compatibility update for IrisBG Desktop version 3.5 (Sync/Mobile).
    • Display Garden location code in Accession item screen (Mobile).
    • Display unit of measurement when recording measurements (Mobile).
    • Accession items are now ordered by qualifier in accession screen (Mobile).
    • Fix: Camera support for Motorola MC55A0 (Mobile).
    • Fix: Propagation fields are not always visible for item status context = Propagation (Mobile).
    • Fix: Changing accessions details is not always allowed (Mobile).
    • Fix: Adding accession items to events using scanner which accession number barcodes (not qualifier) (Mobile).
    • Fix: Maps are not always copied to correct folder on device after changing installation folder (Sync).
    • Other minor improvements.
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