IrisBG Mobile / Mobile Sync released 2014-05-15

  • Havard


    Released 2014-05-15

    This service upgrade contains the following improvements:

    • Access control on the handheld is now in line with rules on desktop including support for differentiated access to accession detail, accession items and images .
    • Low resolution handhelds will now have optional map support. This can be enabled in the setting screen under “Map Support”. Maps may only work on some models.
    • Performance improvement on the synchronization process.
    • General performance improvements on handheld for some search and barcode scanning scenarios.
    • Changing records on handheld that are pending as new entries in inbox is no longer permitted. They can be changed after records are accepted and synchronized back to the handheld.
    • Adding accession items to task and inspection by searching for accession number is fixed.
    • Garden location dropdowns are now sorted according to garden code structure and not alphabetical as before.
    • Task and Inspection status date is now set to current date if not given by user.
    • Label type drop down will now display label name and not label description. Disabled labels are no longer listed.
    • Support for “Excluded” task and inspection entries
    • Simplified installation on desktop with automatic install of prerequisite component.
    • Other minor improvements.
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