IrisBG Mobile + IrisBG Mobile Sync released 2013-09-25

  • Havard

    • You can now record propagation information in the same manner, as found in IrisBG desktop.
    • When viewing the map for an accession item, you can now display map markers of other plants in the area. This will help users to visually verify the position of the plant on the map. You can reveal the taxon name of individual plants by clicking on the map marker.
    • From the accession screen, you can now add the accession or accession item to an existing event (Task or inspection). This gives you more flexibility to create ad-hoc lists when you are out in the garden.
    • For gardens using survey points to measure the location of plants, IrisBG mobile now includes a “Coordinate Calculator” that use the survey point, compass angle (Azimuth) and distance to calculate the correct coordinates. This feature is enabled in the map settings screen.
    • Password can now optionally be displayed in the login screen.
    • The limitation of plant markers displayed on a map has been increased from 100 to 1000.
    • Search results of accessions are now sorted by taxon name.
    • Issue with synchronization of passwords has been resolved.
    • When selecting an accession item from a search result, the selected item will be displayed and not the first item as before.
    • Search with leading zeros in accession number has been fixed.
    • Other minor improvements.


    Version – released 2013-10-01

    • Improved performance when searching by location (Advanced search + plants in area)
    • Improved stability and memory usage of map component


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