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  • DanielMosquin


    – when there’s opportunity, under Job Type:Export Data, please change Output filename to Output filename and extension (or provide an example, e.g., example.xlsx)

    – for some reason, the reports generated using Job Type:Export Data are saving to the desktop of the server when I am running one-offs. Ah, this is because they were the test reports and not the ones run as part of a batch job. Maybe add that to the documentation, too?

    – when receiving emails, Log is spelled Logg:

    Attached is a list of all open tasks in IrisBG.

    ***** Logg *****
    May 4, 2016
    10:16:52 AM
    IrisBG Batch Job (ALLOPENTASKS) started!

    Small stuff. Overall batch is very nifty — most people here organize their work via email and wouldn’t think initially to check IrisBG for tasks. This will help put those front and centre.



    I created a special user called batchjobs for Batch Jobs in order to restrict permissions. However, batchjobs became an extremely greedy user, refusing to log out and clogging up a concurrent user slot! Not sure if this is a one time thing, but it might be worth spending a bit of time bug testing on.

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    Thanks for the feedback Daniel.
    We’ll include the improvements in the next update.

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