Handheld app request- display location code for each item on the search list

  • Beryl Zhuang


    This request is for the IrisBG Handheld mobile app and a related question about Garden Explorer.

    After searching for an accession (e.g. 1972-0795) on the app, we can see the list of items of the accession. However, only the description of the locations are shown but without the location codes. In the screenshot attached, though all of the items are located at ‘Asian Garden’, they are in fact with different location codes (we use Asian Garden as a general term to describe a group of location codes). We have to click to view the detail of each item to reveal the location code to find a specific item. This become time consuming when there are more than 5 items in an accession.

    We would like to have the option to display location code on the item list (e.g. “ 3AC8 Asian Garden” instead of “Asian Garden”). This will improve our handheld device workflow.

    On the topic of displaying locations, location codes are displayed on the Garden Explorer (see attached). Is there an easy way to turn off the location codes?

    Thank you!

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    Hi Beryl- we made the request for the codes to be removed when our Garden Explorer went live and they were able to change it within a short amount of time. Ours looks like this now – https://santafebotanicalgarden.gardenexplorer.org/taxon-245.aspx



    Hi Beryl/Cristina,
    We are adding more details to the search result on the app. This includes location code + status date. The location code will be either short or long, depending on your app settings. The status date will be displayed in “Easy read” style such as “Yesterday”, “10 days”, “2 years+”. We will add sorting to this as well. We hope to ship the App update in the next coming days.



    Hi Beryl,

    To hide location codes in Garden Explorer change the App_Data/WebExpl.config as follows for the <listcontent> tag:

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