Garden Explorer – summary of “new” features (March 2017)

  • Oyvind


    In addition to numerous internal improvements, these are the visible ones created during the last year:

    • Search and Names pages: Thumbnail images can be shown instead of photo symbols in the result list.
    • Search page: The result list can be continous instead of paged.
    • Search page: Collection counts can be shown in the Welcome and Info (right column) texts. Counts available are number of families, genera, species (taxa), accessions, items and images.
    • Search page: Hardiness can be shown as a search field.
    • Taxon page: Location code in the locations list can be hidden.
    • Taxon page: Image provider and/or origin can be shown below the image.
    • Taxon page: Themes can be shown; either all or specific theme codes.
    • Taxon page: Image browsing has been added when images are enlarged.
    • Map page: As it’s no longer a way to detect a mobile device with certainty geolocation (“share your location”) has been enabled for all devices. Accept or refuse.
    • All pages: A “scroll to top” button will appear at the bottom right when a page is scrolled down.

    Get in touch if you want use any of these features (e-mail:

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