Can I run IrisBG on an Apple Mac?

  • Havard


    To install IrisBG on Apple Mac, you would need Parallels Desktop for Mac or a similar product.



    How much of a performance penalty is incurred running on a Mac virtual machine compared to running natively on a PC? Also, what kind of network connection/authentication issues might I expect to encounter running an IrisBG client on a Mac virtual machine?



    IrisBG is relativly lean on memory and processor usage unless you are running very large Excel reports or data imports. For this reason, you will not notice much difference on Mac vs a native Windows PC.

    The fact that users successfully are able to run Windows Games on Mac using Virtualization software is a good indicator that the performance penealtly is realtivly minor.

    If you are using integrated IrisBG authentication, logging in is straightforward. If you configure IrisBG with network authentication, you will need to login to your network on the Windows WM. I beleive that there are some options to integrate network authentication between the Mac host and the VM which might simplify things.

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