Accession Number and Item Number – Years Don't Match for Some Items

  • phoehn


    I have 47 accessions where the accession year displayed for some of the items does not match the accession year for the accession.

    These are all accessions for 2015 where some of the items are showing up as 2016. On the details tab in “Acc. year” field and above in the autofilled “Accession:” field, the accession is displayed as 2015-XXXX. On the items tab, in the autofilled “Item no.” field, the accession year is displayed as 2016-XXXX. This is the same when running reports – “AccNoFull” and “ItemAccNoFull” are reported as 2015-XXXX and 2016-XXXX, respectively. Only the accession year is changed, the number (XXXX) is consistent.

    These items are all in one group/hierarchy of locations, but not all the accessions in these locations have this issue.

    For some of the faulty accessions, one item has the issue, but a second item in the accession does not. So if the accession is 2015-XXXX, its items display as 2016-XXXX/1 and 2015-XXXX/2.

    When I add new items to the accessions, they appear to all be the correct 2015-XXXX in the “item no.”, so I am not able to duplicate the issue.

    When searching for the items, if I search by the faulty 2016-XXXX item number I get no result, and if I search by the 2015-XXXX accession number I do.

    I can delete the items and create new ones, but I’m trying to figure out how this occurred.

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    Hi phoehn,
    This issue is caused by the accession year being changed after it’s initial entry (I appreciate that this is a software issue). However, a workaround is to run the system task titled “Update accession items” which will refresh the accession number for the individual plants. You will find this screen under “Maintanance/system tasks”. This process may take a few minutes to run, depending no the size of your collection.

    Look forward to hearing how you get on.

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    That seems to have solved the issue. Thank you for the quick fix!

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