Version: released 2013-02-04

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    Release – 2013-02-04
    • Windows 8 compatibility has been verified.
    • Support for high resolution screens and larger display fonts has been improved.
    • This upgrade will require users of IrisBG Mobile to also upgrade that product.
    • Label display mode can be selected from a dropdown list in the Maps form.
    • New fields for Usage type, Usage notes and Distribution notes and Habitat notes have been added in the Taxa form.
    • A new field, E-mail-2, has been added in the Contacts form.
    • Import of images has been added to the Import data module.
    • Event forms (Tasks, Exchanges, etc.) have been  placed in a new Events menu group.
    • A new form for Funding and donations has been added in the Events menu group.

    Interim release – 2013-01-13
    • The specimen count fields in the Accessions form will also accept text input.
    • Update of label information from the Item management form will not create item history.

    Interim release – 2013-01-02
    • A menu and tool bar command for update of multiple registrations has been added in the Accessions and Taxa forms. Selection of registrations should be done from the search result list.  Access to  the command requires administrator privileges.
    • A new report, Lib01 – Library items, has been added to the Management group in Reports.
    • Registration of duplicate items is being prevented in the Tasks, Inspections and Exchanges forms.
    • The ability to search for Reg. init, Reg. date. Mod. init and Mod. date has been added to Advanced search in the Taxa and Accessions forms.
    • Support for spreadsheet (*.xlsx) files has been added to the Import data form.
    • Import of accession and taxon attributes have been added to the Import data module.
    • Support for conserved (old) accession numbers and letters as item numbers has been added. See the Collections topic for details.
    • Map providers for Ovi maps have been added.
    • New fields for Library cat. no. and Collation have been added in the Library form.
    • A new field for Pages has been added to library references in the Accessions, Taxa and Taxonomic groups forms.
    • A new field for Preparation type has been added for items with type Preserved in the Accessions form. A new form for defining Preparation types has been added in the Definitions menu group.
    • A new field for Internal ref. has been added to Items in the Accessions form.
    • A new field for Institution code has been added in the Contacts form.
    • Common names have been added to available fields for the Accession objects and Accession items reports.
    • Report definitions in the Report type form have been grouped.
    • Inactive/expired/history records have been marked with a light grey background in lists.
    • A context menu for update of multiple registrations has been added to the list in the Stock items form.
    • The checked fields have been moved from Details to the Names tab in the Taxa form.
    • When a synonym is entered as the taxon name for an accession, the accepted name will be shown, but the synonym name will be kept in the determination history.
    • Custom attributes have been added as selection criteria for several reports, maps and for labels.
    • Genus is included in uploads of data to the Garden Explorer.
    • For data records referring to protected contacts to be included, users must have at least Update access to the report forms (Reports, Labels, Maps).
    • Miscellaneous minor improvements and error fixes have been undertaken.


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    • This topic was modified 5 years ago by  Oyvind.
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