Version: released 2012-09-24

  • Havard

    • Events (tasks, inspections and exchanges) can be used for
      Advanced search in the Taxa, Accessions and Item management forms
      and as selection criteria for Reports.
    • For Stores, search lists in the Stock Items and Catalogues forms
      can be grouped by combinations of origin, family and taxon name.
    • In the Catalogues form, multiple lines can be selected and
      handled from a menu when right clicking in the list.
    • Access to the Assets form has been added to Roles that include
      access the the Locations form. Access to the Tasks, Inspection and
      Exchanges forms have been added to Roles that include access to the
      Accessions form. The system administrator should review and adjust
      these permissions if necessary.
    • Help for the active form is available by pressing F1.
    • The help topic for Import data has been revised and examples
      have been added.
    • Custom attributes can be used in the field list for reports
      based on Item02, Obj02 and Tax01 in the Report types form and for
      labels in the Label types form. Attribute fields are prefixed with “Atr”.
      See the Custom attributes topic for details.
    • A new button for population of all custom attributes has been
      added in the Accessions and Taxa forms.
    • The fields for Update items and Create labels have been placed
      on separate tabs in the Item management form.
    • Multiple lines can be selected and handled from a menu when
      right clicking the list in the Item management form.
    • The Publications form has been renamed to Library and can be
      used for the management of library items such as literature,
      documents and notes. A list for Library item types has been added in
      the Code lists form.
    • The Events tab in the Accessions form has been renamed to
      References and a list for library item references has been added.
    • A button for generation of Ipen number has been added to the
      field in the Accessions and Stock items forms. The button is
      disabled when a number is present. To enable the button, clear and
      leave the field.
    • A toggle button for sound has been added in the Tasks,
      Inspections and Exchanges forms. When activated, a sound will signal
      successful addition of an entry.
    • Drag-drop and paste from clipboard have been implemented for
      files, images and text in the Accessions (Images), Taxa (Images) and
      Library forms. Note: Due to complexity and inconsistency,
      handling of messages and attachments from e-mail clients is not
    • A new button for toggle between dynamic (shown on mouse over)
      and permanent tooltips has been added in the Maps form.
    • A new report, Cont10 – Contact material, has been added to the
      Management group in Reports.
    • A new report, Stat05 – Collection details, has been added to the
      Statistics group in Reports.
    • A new field for group status has been added in the Taxonomic
      groups form. Groups with status Deprecated can not be used in
      accepted taxon names.
    • New fields for determination have been added to details in the
      Accessions form. Changes in taxon name, det. level, det. date or
      det. person will create a new entry in the determination history.
    • New import fields for determination have been added for
      accessions in the Import data module, see the Import data topic for
    • Data exchange of tasks and inspections with external devices
      (PDA) and the Inbox has been added.
    • Miscellaneous minor improvements and error fixes have been

    Interim release – 2012-07-19

    • Azimuth and distance from reference points can be used to calculate
      local map coordinates. See the Azimuth and distance coordinates topic for
      how to define and enable this feature.
    • Common names have been added to available fields for the Tax01 report.
    • For Taxa, the field Environmental status has been replaced by fields for
      global red list code, regional red list code and regional black list code.
    • Fields for original description and distribution have been added for
      taxon names.
    • Fields for description and image have been added to the Assets form.
    • Assets of type Feature are included in uploads of data to the Garden
    • Fields for measurements have been added for Items in the Accessions
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