Version: released 2012-03-23

  • Havard

    • A new form for Assets has been added to the Management group. This form can be used for other inventory in a similar way as the Locations form.
    • A new form for Location types has been added to the Definitions group. Location types can be defined with map symbols and can be applied in the Locations and Assets forms.
    • A new map report, Map04, for locations and assets has been added.
    • Several new map symbols have been added.
    • In the Map viewer form, if a map symbol (marker) represents more than one object, information about this is displayed in the tooltip. By clicking on the symbol, the underlying objects are displayed in the appropriate form. A button for changing the default Map type and Marker type has been added for Global maps.
    • The navigation between forms has been improved with navigation history and a list of recently used forms. New navigation buttons are located at the top of the left side navigation bar. The same commands and shortcuts can be found in the Windows menu. See the Navigation bar topic for details.
    • A list of Recently changed objects has been added to the Data menu in the Accessions, Taxa, Taxonomic groups and Localities forms. See the Data menu topic for details.
    • The search result list for Taxa and Accessions can be grouped by genus, family or family + genus. The content can be viewed expanded or collapsed.
    • New fields for checked status have been added in the Taxa form. For the taxon as a whole, checked date and user initials can be entered in the Details tab. For each name an ok checkbox has been added for use when the name has been checked. Relevant literature can be specified in the References tab.
    • A new type, Synonym, has been added to the Name status field in the Taxa form. This type can be used when the synonym status is unknown or not important.
    • A topic for Taxon name procedures that describes the handling of taxon names has been added.
    • A  dropdown list for taxon name and a new field for reference publications have been added to determination history in the Accessions form.
    • Unknown item status date or determination date can be entered as 0000 in the Accessions form.
    • Restriction type for Accession items can be used to exclude items or item location from upload to the Garden Explorer. See the Web Explorer topic for details.
    • More fields have been made searchable for accessions and items.
    • The Next and Previous menu commands have been added to several forms.
    • Context menus have been added to grid and tree lists. The menus can be activated by a mouse right click or by pressing the Menu key.
    • The Tab order has been revised in several forms. Use Ctrl+Tab to tab out of a grid or tree list.
    • Several new selection criteria have been added to the report Inspections data.
    • Miscellaneous colour enhancements, minor improvements and error fixes have been undertaken.
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