Small bug: image orientation (iOS)

  • DanielMosquin



    Within IrisBG Handheld, I took a photo with an iOS device in portrait orientation–passed that image along Handheld into App Manager, then imported into the database, etc. All good until pushing that image into Garden Explorer, where the orientation of the image changed by 90 degrees.

    Possibly a setting in my device not attaching the metadata of the image orientation? Or the metadata being stripped in one of the processes?



    Follow-up — seems to only be the case on mobile devices (Safari and Chrome both display the photo sideways on my mobile, but Chrome and Firefox on my PC accurately display the image).



    Images will be rotated according to their orientation info (Exif orientation) when added in the upcoming version of IrisBG. This should also solve the orientation issue in browsers (both mobile and desktop).

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