Sex of plants in searches / reports

  • DanielMosquin



    We’ve had a research request for someone examining genomes of dioecious species. While we can set ourselves the task of documenting the sex of accessions and accession items now with IrisBG, pulling that information out is a bit more difficult.

    Advanced search works for the sex of accessions, but can’t be used for searching the sexes of accession items.

    One can have the sex of an accession present in a report, but one can’t filter a search on it.

    It looks like a bit of work to incorporate sex of accession items into searching / reports, but maybe it would at least be possible to add it to reporting filters for accessions?



    Hi Daniel,
    The missing pieces will be added in the next version:
    – Advanced search will include sex for items
    – Report search criteria will include both accession and item sex



    Thank you!

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