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  • DanielMosquin


    Hi all,

    Has anyone else developed a workflow for processing the updates through IrisBG apps?

    We are looking at having one person (me) checking to see if any “Ready for Inbox” items have been added every day (at end of day), then pushing these to the main client, accepting, and republishing the dataset.

    Is that the approach others are taking? Just wondering if there is a better way…



    Nevermind… I see in the App Manager help that there is a Suggested Workflow, and it is essentially the above.




    At the 4th Annual IrisBG User Conference in Gothenburg, Sweden, Reinout Havinga provided a document they use at Hortus Botanicus in Amsterdam. I have enclosed the documents.

    Hope this helps everyone… I found it useful!


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    I will share the second document via a Google Drive link… Too big!


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    This is beyond what I was asking for, but so useful! Thanks!

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