Multisite install – shared contacts

  • DanielMosquin


    Has there ever been a concern / discussion around sharing of address information and contact details for private individuals in a multisite installation?

    It’s hard to keep track with all the privacy legislation these days as to what best / required practices would be.



    Hi Daniel,

    Can you explain what you mean by “multisite” installation?

    IrisBG can be installed as:
    – Single or multi collection in the same database on a server. Contacts are shared between the collections.
    – In different databases on a server. Contacts are not shared.



    My apologies, I meant multi-collections on the same database on a server. I guess I was using similar terminology to “Multiple Collection Sites”, just abbreviating it:

    I’m fairly certain Havard had mentioned some organizations shared a Multiple Collection Sites install, but I could be remembering wrongly.

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