IrisBG Mobile + IrisBG Mobile Sync released 2012-10-24

  • Havard


    IrisBG Mobile
    • Added support for recording of tasks and inspections.
    • Added support for using and updating text phrases.
    • Added support recording of plant measurements.
    • Introduced “Status update mode” – change plant status when accessions are opened.
    • Improved image handling and camera integration.
    • Improved touch screen support.
    • Improved changing of map coordinates by map and by recording coordinates.
    • Support for accession number formats are now in line with IrisBG Desktop.
    • List of recently opened accessions have been extended from 20 to 40.
    IrisBG Mobile Synch
    • Improved handling of map transfer to device.
    • Support to change text phrases stored on the device on the desktop.
    • Synchronization support for tasks and inspections.

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