Include summary of items mapped in the Summary report

  • Beryl Zhuang


    In the Statistics reports, e.g. Stat06 (collection count), there’s a summary section on images. This is really helpful for us to keep track of the work we’ve done, as automated reports are sent out monthly.

    I would like to request a similar section for items that has coordinates in the collections (unrelated to locality, see attached image). I understand that I can do an advanced search and check ‘Has coordinates’ to get the number of accessions that has at least 1 item mapped. However, it would be very convenient for us to have the items mapped summary in the monthly report to track progression.

    By the way, the ‘Has coordinates’ option doesn’t seem available in the “Reports” search.

    Thank you!

    UBC Botanical Garden

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    Hi Beryl,

    This will be added to the Stat05 and Stat06 reports in the next release.

    Beryl Zhuang


    This is awesome! Thank you!

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