How to track funding such as donations and sponsorship in IrisBG?

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    Hi, I wonder if it is possible to track funding such as sponsorship and memorial trees, benches in IrisBG?



    Received and scheduled funding can be recording in the “Events/Funding” screen. A funding is identified by a descriptive name and includes information such as reference to the donor (with full contact details), amount received, dates, etc. You can relate a funding to accessions, items (plants), assets (status, benches), taxa and locations (beds) (See screen example below).

    When a funding is recorded, it will also appear on the accession reference tab alongside other events such as tasks and inspections (See screen example).

    Events, such as funding, can also be used in many contexts to run advanced cross-reference searches in screens, reports and maps. Example: List all taxa related to a list of funding’s.

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