differentiating image entries between two similar accessions

  • Rebecca Allan


    Iris BG Forum,

    A very basic question:

    I am adding a new specimen of Parrotia persica ‘Vanessa’ to our Accessions. We already have one accessioned, but now I would like to add the new one, along with a photograph of it. In this case, do I add this to the existing record for Parrotia persica ‘Vanessa’, and how do I differentiate the photographs of the two Parrotia accessions? When I try to add it as a new accession, I get a note saying that this already exists.

    Rebecca Allan
    Iroki Garden

    Beryl Zhuang


    Hi Rebecca,
    If you add the image through “Accessions” -> “Images”, the image is tied to the accession and connect to the taxon. This way you can differentiate different accessions of the same taxon.

    Hope this helps.



    As Beryl so accurately said, a new accession. If it is different material from a different source and/or date, this is appropriate.



    Hi Rebecca,
    In addition to the correct answers from Beryl and Greg I would like mention: If you have photographs of different plants (items) belonging to the same accession you can specify Item (item number) when you add the image.

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