Deleting Accession Records

  • Rebecca Allan


    User Forum,

    Would you mind answering another very simple IRIS BG question?
    I would like to fully delete one particular accession record (I have discovered that it is a duplicate of an existing record), and I am having trouble doing so. While I am in the accession screen for that accession, I hit delete, and I get an error message so that the accession does not entirely delete, which is what I want to do.

    I have attached a screen shot pdf of the error message that I received when I tried to delete the record while in the Accession record.

    Thank you.

    Rebecca Allan
    Iroki Garden



    Hi Rebecca,
    It appears that the attachment is missing. Could you please add this tot he thread?




    One quick note that you probably realize but make sure there are no Item records and the accession is not linked to any tasks or inspections.




    Hi Rebecca,

    This error is fixed in the upcoming version.

    Temporary workaround:
    – Remove all Item references from Images or delete the Images
    – Save and then Delete

    Thanks for reporting


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