Correct combination of settings for publishing?

  • DanielMosquin



    We’re trying to figure out the correct combination of settings that will push data to be manipulated within IrisBG Handheld and but prevent it from showing up in Garden Explorer.

    One example of some interestingness is having Publish in Collection Locations set to “No” for a parent-level location (e.g., bed 8). None of the items in the parent or child locations appear in Garden Explorer. However, an item in a child location with Publish left blank (e.g. bed 8H3A) appears in the Handheld dataset.




    Hi Daniel,
    The data you upload via App Manager to staff will not be effected by the restriction and publish settings. All relevant “current” data is made available on the handheld.



    Hmm. Well, we only had a subset of our nursery data upload in a previous Upload via App Manager session. Not sure what happened, but a redo of the upload seemed to fix that issue (re: the issue I mentioned above).

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