Asset images not porting over to Trails

  • DanielMosquin


    I’ve created my first trail / tour, using only assets. When I was adding the assets, I also added images to the assets.

    However, after adding the assets (and saving) to my trail/tour, the images did not accompany. Selecting image just says “No image data.” I suspect a small bug.



    Hello Daniel,

    The image field in trails is for overriding the default asset/item images in the list on the Tour page in Garden Explorer. The documentation definitely needs an update about this!

    You can see an example here. Select the tour “Cool and Interesting…”. Item 1 and 3 shows overridden images in the list. When you click on the items their default asset image is shown.

    Hope this make things clearer.

    Kind regards,



    Ah, thanks! Might have figured it out on my own, but we don’t have the GE module yet. Sometime soon, though!

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