For nearly twenty years, we have helped gardens and arboreta move over to IrisBG and have fine-tuned the process to make it as smooth and stress-free as possible.

We can offer

Minimum downtime

When we transfer your data to IrisBG, you can still use your legacy system, but you should not add or change any records.

We can guarantee that this period will be no longer than 5 working days.

This is possible by carrying out a test migration prior to going live and careful planning. Under normal conditions, we would receive your data on a Friday afternoon and deliver the system a week later on the Monday morning.

Smooth transition for your staff

Our free trial version, online tutorials and self-paced training courses allow your staff to get to know the product before you switch. As they are already familiar with IrisBG, your staff will be productive from the time of installation, thus reducing stress levels.

We can also offer group training, online or on-site if needed. However, many gardens have successfully switched over without group training, due to the consistent, well-designed user experience combined with our online training resources.

Straight forward installation

Installation can be carried out by your own IT staff or by contractors, which would normally take less than an hour to complete.

The IrisBG PC installation follows best practices and recommendations from Microsoft to ensure a smooth installation on all supported Microsoft Windows platforms. Setting up is easy for smaller gardens with few resources, as well as for large organizations with high expectations and requirements.

No surprises

We understand the importance for any organization, large or small, to have control over their resources. We pride ourselves on delivering on time and on budget for every project. Before we start, you will have a full overview of the time and resources needed to complete your project.

Speak to our users

Read our testimonials or get in touch with some of our users to hear their experience of switching over to IrisBG.

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Last Updated 27 Mar 2014
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