The Store Management module is used to prepare catalogues and handle orders on material (i.e. seeds, plants etc) you are offering to your customers. This optional module is an integrated part of IrisBG and consists of four parts:

IrisBG Store Management logo
  • Stock items
  • Catalogue creation
  • Orders
  • Store configuration


Here are some of the key features you will find in the Store Management module.

Stock items

  • Manages the stock items.
  • Keeps track of the stock status.
  • Collection information includes taxon, collection origin, collector, IPEN-number, material type, etc.

Catalogue creation

  • Prepares catalogues based on the available stock items.
  • The catalogues can be divided into an unlimited number of parts.
  • The content is ordered according to catalogue section, family and finally taxon.
  • The catalogues can be printed or published in the optional Index Seminum internet order system.


  • Handles orders of material from the catalogue.
  • Integrated with the Index Seminum internet order system for automated order entry.
  • The use of alternative catalogue items for out of stock material is handled automatically.
  • Shipment labels and material labels for orders can be printed individually or in bulk.
  • Order history is maintained and statistics can be viewed or printed.

Store configuration

  • Configure one or multiple stores.
  • Each catalogue and stock item must be associated to one store.
  • For each store you define contact details, email, Index Seminum integration, etc.
Last Updated 07 Oct 2016
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