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Data migration is usually required, and the cost will vary depending on the database platform, complexity and data quality. Read more about our data migration service.


We currently offer 3 different training options.

  • Self-paced training with on-line Q&A follow up. This option is included free of charge with each purchase.
  • Internet hosted on-line training with an instructor. Please contact us for prices.
  • Training at your premesis with an instructor. Please contact us for prices.

Other products and services

  • Our Cloud database service has a 99.95% guaranteed availability. Read more about our Cloud Database Service on the IrisBG blog.
  • IrisBG Map server is a service integrated with IrisBG to host your own custom map layers.
  • IrisBG can be configured for multiple collection sites (gardens) to share a database and still have isolated accessioning and access control. This option is often ideal together with the cloud database service. Use the checkbox - "More than one garden/site" above to see prices.


  1. Concurrent user licenses: You may install IrisBG and give access to as many users as you like. You are only limited to the number of users logged on to IrisBG at any given time.
  2. The Index Seminum and Garden Explorer modules include a license for an unlimited number of internet users.
  3. The annual support and maintenance fee includes free access to technical support, training material, regular follow ups, software updates and product improvements.
  4. All prices are excluding VAT. VAT is currently at 20.0% for EU customers/25% for Norwegian customers. For customers outside the EU and Norway, VAT is not charged.
  5. We are committed to keeping our prices at a low and predictable level. Prices are adjusted annually based on changes in rates of inflation and currency exchange rates. Our annual price adjustments are normally between 0 and 5%. The price adjustments for 2019 was +3.5%.
  6. Please note that all software modules are only available for the same number of concurrent users for each installation.
  7. Multi-collection sites installations are only available with the same software options for all collections, with the exception of website modules and IrisBG Mobile licences.
  8. IrisBG does not depend on third party products that require additional license fees, but license fees may be incurred, depending on your choice of database, web server platform, etc.
  9. Please note that support offered to set up a self-hosted website is limited to technical aspects related to the IrisBG software only. Assistance and support related to website configuration beyond the IrisBG software packages will be charged at an hourly rate.
Last Updated 17 May 2019
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